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Coordinators of the PEG of the Portuguese Ophthalmology Society (POS)

Coordinators of the PEG of the Portuguese Ophthalmology Society (POS):


POS President António Castanheira Dinis

PEG Coordinator - Fernando Bívar Weinholtz


POS President António Queiroz Marinho  

PEG Coordinator – João Capão Filipe

Dr João Capão Filipe innovates when he introduced the Sport theme in Ergophthalmology. Ocular traumatology has always in close relationship with Ergophthalmology, having in fact been in the origin of the “Societas Ergophthalmologica Internationalis” by Hans Jurgen Merté in 1966.


POS President Rui Proença

PEG Coordinator – Augusto Barbosa


POS President Florindo Esteves Esperancinha

PEG Coordinator – Isabel Ritto


POS President Jorge Breda  

PEG Coordinator – Vitor Leal


POS President António Travassos  

PEG Coordinator – Augusto Barbosa


POS President Manuela Carmona

PEG Coordinator – Fernando Bívar


POS President Paulo Torres

PEG Coordinator – Vitor Leal 


POS President Maria João Quadrado  

PEG Coordinator – João Nolasco

This is the past that we are proud of and that we intended to credit and follow. However we are now faced with a different and ever-changing reality. The growing use of electronic devices  - computers, tablets and video games – is a reality. The e-Games and its tournaments are growing exponentially, and with that the number of competitors that trains/plays several hours a day under circumstances that are far from good. All these modifications force us to follow new trends, and to try to seek solutions to minimize the discomfort associated to it. We rely on the teachings of the past, and with the adaptability of our group to help the generations to come.


Doutor Gama Pinto Ophthalmology Institute, Lisbon, Portugal

(Head of Department: Luísa Santos)

First Coordinator of the Portuguese Ergophthalmology Group - 1999

Ophthalmology Department, Prof. Doutor Fernando Fonseca E.P.E Hospital, Amadora, Portugal

(Head of Department: Isabel Prieto)

Portuguese Ergophthalmology Group (PEG) Coordinator 2017-2018